Why Vegan?

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Here you will find a large selection of vegan recipes and information on living a vegan lifestyle.
Many people believe that vegan food is boring, and consists only of fruit and vegetables and little else. There is a pre-conceived belief amongst many people that vegans are miserable, unhealthy, and cannot get enough protein in their diets. This is totally wrong!

It is true that there are many vegans who do not get the proper nourishment through lack of knowledge about the vast array of nutritious food that is available to them. However, a varied vegan diet is without a doubt the healthiest way of eating available to man, abundant in rich protein sources, and packed with nutrients and enzymes.

Gourmet vegan recipes are filled with a dazzling array of colours, textures and flavours. And the fantastic thing about vegan food is that you can create all of these mouth watering, organic vegan dishes in less time and at less cost than almost any other cuisine!

There are many reasons why you can benefit from including more vegan ingredients in your life, even if you don’t intend to turn vegan full time. These include:

Vegan Recipes For Weight Loss

Weight Loss - Organic vegan food is so dense in nutrients that by incorporating more vegan recipes into your diet your appetite will naturally decrease as your body receives more nutritional bang for its buck. The fruit, vegetables, grains and proteins that make up the majority of vegan food help to stabilize blood sugar and control appetite.

Furthermore, incorporating controlled amounts of high calorie vegan foods into a weight loss regime can actually help to speed up weight loss, as essential fats such as those found in avocados, coconut, nuts and seeds are essential for regulating metabolism.

Vegan Recipes For Energy

Increasing Energy - vegan foods such as vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds contain slow releasing complex carbohydrates that will give you a slow burst of energy that will last all day. Fruit is also an excellent source of simple sugars that will give you an immediate burst of energy without playing havoc with your blood sugar leading to crashes in energy soon after, as is the case with sugary, processed foods. Those that switch to a vegan diet that includes a lot of Raw, uncooked foods also find themselves needing much less sleep than before, as their bodies have a far less toxic load to deal with.
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Vegan Recipes For Clearing Up Allergies

Clearing up allergies - many health problems such as eczema, acne, IBS and excess mucus can be attributed to an intolerance to dairy and wheat products, foods which our digestive systems have not yet evolved to handle. A vegan diet eliminates dairy products altogether, and vegan recipes frequently take advantage of all of the wonderful non-wheat based grains that are available, such as quinoa, amaranth and millet. By switching to a vegan diet, or by eating a higher proportion of vegan food, you can often find that niggling allergies and health problems clear up on their own.

Exploring New Foods With Vegan Recipes

If you are used to eating a typical standard western diet, then experimenting with vegan recipes can open you up to a whole new world of tastes, flavours and nutritious foods that you may never have heard of.

For example, did you know that spirulina, (which is an algae sold in health foods shops and added to many vegan dishes such as soups and smoothies), is one of the richest sources of protein on earth? As well as containing all 22 amino acids that the body requires (a “complete” protein), spirulina is also a rich source of omega 3s (which is what fish eat, and why they in turn are a rich source of omega 3!). Experimenting with vegan recipes will allow you to enjoy pure, natural food in a whole new way.

This is just a snapshot of the many health benefits you can derive through turning vegan, or by incorporating more vegan food into your life.

On this site you will find mouth watering simple vegan recipes that are quick and easy to prepare, including vegan cookie recipes, tofu recipes, smoothie recipes and much more.


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